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Why Use Ceiling Fans When You Already Have an Air Conditioner

Hot and muggy summer literally exhausts people thoroughly, leaving them completely sweating, lethargic and sleep-deprived. There are many ways to keep your home cool in the sweltering summers and people start making those arrangements even before summer approaches. They check the working of air conditioner and ceiling fans and clean them up for better working. Now the question is: when you have a high powered air conditioner to cool your home, why do you need the ceiling fans?

Ceiling fans are equally important to help keep the home comfortable. They are time-tested technological invention with an increasing demand even after the advancement of air conditioner. There are a number of advantages of using ceiling fans together with an air conditioner.

Savings in energy

Air conditioners are highly useful when the temperature is too high; quality ceiling fans can keep the home cool at all other times (when the temperature is not so hot). Thus, we can use both the appliances alternatively depending upon the requirement. Open windows and ceiling fans allow the air to move in and out, maintaining the flow of the breeze. Using an air conditioner along with ceiling fans and setting the thermostat 4-5 degrees higher substantially reduces the energy cost. That’s because air conditioners consume more energy than ceiling fans; using ceiling fans helps in cooling and reduces the load on air conditioner.

Better indoor air quality

Ceiling fans helps in circulating the air. When you use ceiling fans simultaneously with an air conditioner, it not only helps in cutting down the cost of cooling the room but also helps in keeping the room free of contaminated air. Indoor air quality improves and remains high when the air is circulating constantly. It removes the discomfort caused in the room due to the stillness of air for a longer time.

Year-round use

Air conditioner is more preferred in very hot summer season while rest of the year (when temperature is relatively down), it can be replaced with ceiling fans. Hence, installing both, ceiling fans and air conditioners is recommended to maintain a healthy balance. It’s not only in summer; running fans in the winter season too can save you those extra dollars in heating the home. Ceiling fans should be made to rotate clockwise in winter. It helps in pulling the cold air up and sending the warmer air down.

Aesthetic value

Ceiling fans add aesthetic value to the room due to a wide variety of designs they come in. Have a look at the inventory of Modern Fan Outlet to get an idea on the types of fans you can go for. Nautical fans, rustic fans, twin-motor fans, arts and crafts fans, flush-mounted fans, and fans with lights are just some of the categories you can choose from.

When air conditioners are in use, you can use light-mounted ceiling fans for lighting as well. Also note that you cannot use an air conditioner in open spaces like patio and veranda. Hence, ceiling fans can be useful in keeping porches and patios cool in the summer.

Eco-friendly option

Air conditioners contribute to the negative impact on environment and personal health. They release greenhouse gases responsible for depleting the ozone layer. They contribute to the global warming since the hazardous pollutants are left into the air from the traditional fossil fuels.

Ceiling fans don’t have any adverse effects on the environment because they use the surrounding air to make us feel cool. They don’t make the room cool; instead they help in making people feel the air. However as the temperature is rising every year, air conditioners have become a necessity in almost every area to fight the extreme hot and humid climate. Hence one thing that can benefit us is to pair ceiling fans and air conditioners together.

A good way to use appliances is to use them in conjunction with others to save money and to take care of the environment at large. Ceiling fans and air conditioners both do different jobs. It depends on the need; in some cases fan would be adequate, while in others, an air conditioner.

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