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Types of deadlocks for door security

There are many types of deadlocks for door security but they are all very difficult to force edge, push, or retract the locking bolt. This is the case when they are installed properly and locked. They are also known as deadbolts.

Deadlocks can have a key from one side (single sided deadlock) or on both sides (double sided deadlock). You might need to install a deadlock that is to be keyed from both ends and placed on external doors if looking for an insurance cover.

The most common types of deadlocks are deadlocks and deadlatch.

Deadbolts are very common and are used together with a knob or lever set on a hinged door. They feature key on both or one side and must be locked manually from either side of the lock. They are stronger compared to the knob/lever entrance sets.

The deadlatch, on the other hand, is also common and can also be single or double sided. If they are doubled, the inside could be key locked. They automatically latch when the door is being closed and will need a key to open from the outside.

These types of Banham deadlocks have a holdback feature that keeps the door unlocked temporarily. They feature a stainless steel bolt, have a safety release in case of a fire, and are very strong when installed correctly.

When to install deadlocks

Deadlocks are considered advantageous if you are looking for added security because they are harder to break. They provide increased safety for people using them. They are also considerable when there are insurance requirements with your insurer, for instance, depending on the policy you are looking at. In some cases, an insurer will require this type before they can insure you. This testifies that they are more secure options considered to many other types of locks.

There are so many options when it comes to installing a deadlock and choosing the best type will depend on a number of things. For instance, it might depend on what kind of door it is, what the door thickness is, and what the door and frame material. The various types include the single cylinder which operates with a key on the outside and thumbturn on the inside, double cylinders which require keys on both the inside and outside for added safety but compromise on safety hazard in case of an emergency, and the lockable thumbturn style lock that features a key cylinder on one side and a thumbturn that can be locked with a key on the other side. Other types include the Jimmy proof deadbolts.

 Other factors to consider when looking for a deadlock include whether the door opens inwards or outwards, what the lock/hardware/furniture is on the door, and how you want the door to function.

Other considerations when looking for a deadlock from Banham deadlocks is whether the property is residential or commercial since each may have different requirements. You might also consider meeting fire regulations, disability access codes, government and insurance regulations, and tenancy act among other things.  Of course, there are other considerations such as appearance and the aesthetics.

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