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Tips for Cleaning Your Favorite Sofa

Occasionally cleaning your leather sofa is good for enjoying your couch for a long time. How do you do this? Here are 4 tips to give your couch a freshening up.

  • Free your Sofa from crumbs

First step of the leather sofa cleaning process is to ensure that your leather sofa is completely dust-free and free from crumbs. If possible, remove all loose cushions from the sofa. Knock it out properly and suck out the textile with the vacuum cleaner.Then go all over the sofa and put the vacuum cleaner in all the holes and holes, so you can be sure that you’ve been everywhere. If the sofa is completely clean and crumbly free, then the real cleaning of your sofa can start.

  • Clean the sofa set with shampoo

When you have a textile couch, shampoo is a very suitable cleaning agent. Everyone has a bottle of shampoo at home and therefore you can clean a stain immediately. Apply undiluted a dollop of shampoo to the stain and massage it well with a damp cloth or sponge.Once the shampoo has done its job and started to foam, you can remove the shampoo from the sofa with a dry and absorbent cloth. Allow the stain to dry well and you will see that the stain on your sofa has almost disappeared.

  • Your sofa stinks of smoke or smells musty

There is smoking in the house or there is a musty smell in your sofa. With a utensil such as a sofa, there is a chance that the furniture will smell a little dirty after a while or even smell.Cleaning vinegar then offers a good solution. Put one part of cleaning vinegar with one part of lukewarm water in a plant spray and spray the bank with it. Please note: this is only suitable forleather fabric sofas. Do this from a distance, so that the whole sofa does not get wet.Leave the homemade detergent in for a night, without the bank being used and you will see that the bank smells good again. With a very smelly bank you may have to repeat this couple of times, but this is an easy and cheap way to make your couch smell fresh again.

  • Simple soapy soda to clean your sofa

Soda has often passed as a tip on the website – and when soda is being cleaned, soda also brings a solution. Put a few scoops of soda in hot water and let it dissolve well. Soak a sponge in soapy water and take the bench or chair with it.Dab the cleaned surfaces dry with a cloth and your entire sofa has a big boost. This method of cleaning does not work specifically for stubborn stains, but is more intended to refresh the entire sofa.

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