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Seamless Rain Gutters For Your Roof

 Rain gutters are one of those items you just never give a tremendous amount of thought to…until you realize just what they do for you! Rain gutters are an important aspect of your home’s integrity; their job is to funnel the water away from the foundation of your home and the downspout runs the water off the property. While this may not seem like it has much bearing on your home, your very foundation can be compromised if you don’t have the proper rain gutters in place.

While it may seem that rain gutters are only necessary for homes in areas that receive a lot of rain, it is actually just imperative to have them in a climate that does not receive a great deal of rain. If you live in an arid climate and experience an unexpected downpour, the ground beneath your house is unable to soak up all the water at one time, causing it to pool around your house or worse, seep into the foundation. Excess rainwater can erode the soil around your foundation and cause mold growth, crumbling stucco, or attract bugs, like moisture seeking termites. Basement walls that are not protected from rainwater can eventually lead to flooding. The water can also undermine your driveway, patio, walkway and ruin your landscaping if it is not properly directed. An effective rain gutter can direct this water off of your property so that it does not have the opportunity to cause any damage.

Your home may already have gutters, but if they are not working properly or are constantly clogged with leaves and debris, they are not doing you or your home any good. While no one enjoys cleaning out soggy or frozen leaves out of their rain gutters, it is an important element in maintaining the system in good working order. There are two main types of gutter systems:  sectional gutters and seamless systems. Sectional gutters are comprised of sections of gutter, usually about twenty feet long, that are purchased and cut to specific measurements. They can be snapped together with silicone gaskets or you can weld them together. Sectional gutter systems require more work initially but cost less. If you are unsure how to install them, a general handyman or contractor should be able to assist. There is a roofing company in Oklahoma City that has a national presence and it a qualified seamless rain gutter installation contractor. You can hop on over and check out pictures on that site for ideas about installation and more information if needed. You will have more maintenance with sectional gutters though; if the welds or gaskets fail, you will have leaks and you may not discover the leaks until you are in the middle of a rainstorm.

There are also gutter systems that promise to never clog and are considered higher quality. While a regular rain gutter may help to run off the water, a seamless gutter system is a preferred system.  In addition to the no-clog guarantee, seamless systems promise no leaks and require less maintenance and repairs. With no seams, leaves and debris can be easily washed through the gutter and that drip-drip-drip from the seams of the gutter system is eliminated, reducing any pooling or erosion. The difference is that the only seams are inside the gutters and on the outside corners. They are fabricated at your home by a gutter contractor with a special machine and then fastened with silicone and screwed into place. These pieces are constructed at your home to specifically fit to your home. They are then attached securely to your home with screws since they withstand the elements better than nails. Seamless systems hold up against all kinds of weather, including rainstorms, wind, snow, sleet, hail and don’t expand or contract due to the weather change. These tough systems are made of galvanized steel or copper, which is stronger than the typical vinyl or aluminum gutter systems and last longer, too. Aluminum systems dent and vinyl systems crack; steel systems are stronger and more resistant to damage but can rust over time. Copper is the most expensive but also lasts the longest. Seamless systems are also much easier to maintain since they are just singular pieces as opposed to the joints and seams of the regular systems. You can also get them in various colors and materials to best blend with the outside of your house. While some gutter systems look like an afterthought, the seamless gutter systems actually enhance the curb appeal and the value of your home. Some companies can also attach matching soffit and fascia system to blend with your home’s exterior. With so many features available, it should come as no surprise that the seamless gutter systems are substantially more initially to purchase and install. While you may be able to weld and connect the regular system, the seamless kind require a special installation and often come at an additional cost. You will want to gather some free estimates on installation and get some recommendations before you decide to have someone install the system in your home.

Various gutter companies offer different options, so it is important to contrast and compare before you commit. Many companies offer various color schemes and materials as well as customized downspouts and underground drains; you will need to determine what will work the best for your home. Another important factor is the warranty the company offers for their installation and their product. Ideally, you would like to find a product that can be installed and maintained without a tremendous amount of hassle, but if it has a short lifespan, it may not be worth the time and effort to have it installed. Many seamless gutter companies offer a lifetime warranty on their no-leak, no clog product and a five-year warranty on their installation service.

Overall, purchasing and installing a seamless gutter system on your home will help to maintain your home’s appearance. Most importantly, it will direct any runoff water so that it does not damage your home, roof, or foundation. Seamless gutter systems not only protect your home; they enhance its aesthetic. While the initial investment may seem costly, spread over the time you own your home and the protection the system provides makes the cost worthwhile.

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