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Safeguard your privacy and add style to your rooms – Window treatment guide

Whenever you’re planning to decorate or remodeling the rooms in your house, the first things that you try to figure out are the more important things like the color of the wall, the furnishings of the room and there are times when you even plan whether or not to add rugs or flooring down on the floor. Have you ever wondered what’s going to be there on your windows? This is usually pretty ancillary but drapes and shades can certainly be kept at the top of the priority list as these could have an impact on the entire feel and look of the space.

The windows of your home are the only connection to the outer world, apart from the doors. So, how you dress them up speaks volumes on your interior decoration taste and style. If you have neighbours, side streets and sidewalks, leaving them uncovered is certainly not the best option. If curtains seem too fussy for you, you may learn how to measure blinds and choose the best blinds for furnishing your windows. Read on to know more on the tricks of decorating your windows.

The different finishes of windows

If you’ve got family members who’ve got sensitivity to dust or any kind of allergies, here are few furnishing options you would love to prefer.

  • Decorative adhesive film: These offer you a wide variety of choices like the look of colored graphics, stained glass and even in those styles which glow-in-the-dark. These adhesive films can be removed as per your convenience and hence you can give new look to your windows whenever you can.
  • Frosted glass: As the name suggests, frosted glass will offer you enough privacy without entirely blocking your view. You can get this look by etching the glass, by covering the glass with contact paper that’s translucent.
  • Authentic stained glass: The stained glass seems to be a charming and intriguing option in the older and heritage homes but they can also be used in the newer houses. You may either have conventional colored glasses or clear leaded glass as well.

How about window screens?

If you prefer installing the metal screens which are laser-cut, they can make a strong statement or you may even prefer the retractable screens which let in air and helps in proper air circulation on hot summer days.

On the other hand, if you opt for folding screens, they will not allow irritants or allergens like dust mites or pet hair and they may even be used to separate the spaces in between rooms. For obtaining a highly modern style, you may choose to install bi-fold or tri-fold screens and they are even popular as one of the easiest window treatments.

Window blinds

Do you have sliding glass doors or huge picture windows? If answered yes, the best kind of treatment that you can get for them are panel track blinds. They seem to be the best option for sliding glass doors as there’s nothing else that can beat the convenience of covering a large space. If you mount them on the ceiling, you can also use panel track blinds to separate 2 rooms and it can act as a room divider. You’ll get solar screens to basic vinyl to woods that are woven naturally when you opt for panel track blinds.

So, whenever decorating your room is there on your mind, apart from deciding the obvious tasks, make sure you also plan something different for your windows to demonstrate your personal interior design and style. Use the guide given above to make informed and measured decisions.

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