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Never Try to Examine Your Roof for Damages by Yourself

It is not advisable for home or business owners to try to inspect their roof by themselves. Ladders are dangerous when the user does not have:

  • Proper equipment
  • Safety gear
  • Expertise

To complete this work safely. Professionals will climb to the top of the roof, so you don’t have too. These professionals in roofing Ann Arbor Michigan take proper precautions when they are examining all types of roofs and are proud to currently have an accident-free record. Each year, many business and home owners are injured seriously from climbing on ladders to get on the roof. There is absolutely no need to risk health and well-being with A2roofing around the corner.

Professional roofing products

To see examples of their professional roofing products in Ann Arbor, Michigan, you only need to look at their website. They have many repeat clients and serve generations of the same families and business owners in Ann Arbor. You can call to schedule an annual roofing inspection. If you need services for snow removal in the winter, their roofing team can quickly as well as affordably clear your property, so you won’t even have to worry about it.

Storm damage

A2roofing will take care of this and all other commercial and residential roofing issues, from initial inspection to roof replacement or repair. They will help you by working within your budget and any timeline requirements. If your roof has been destroyed or damaged due to bad weather, these professional roofers will help you with the documentation of any roof damage by photos and a thorough report on inspection.

Winter months

During the winter months, there will be heavy snow and ice in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Due to Michigan’s frequent weather changes, often bringing warmer temperatures even during the winter, so snow will freeze and melt and then again freeze up, causing frequent as well as dangerous roof ice dams. Roof ventilation that is inadequate plus a warm attic can aggravate this issue. A roof ice dam is very hazardous to your commercial or residential property. Due to the constant buildup of condensation, mildew, mold and other bacterial organisms can grow which can lead to health problems especially if there are any holes in the roof.

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