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Is LVT Flooring the Latest Trend? We Think Yes!

Something new

What is the difference between floor covering and wall covering? The answer, strange as it may seem at first sight is technology.

There are only two ways to cover your walls: either you paint them or your paper them. It has been thus for a very long time indeed and will remain thus for some time to come. However, when it comes to floor coverings, we have more brought to us by manufacturing technology. The problem is that every one of our current options has both upsides and downsides. Old vinyl is cheap but rather ugly and tacky; carpets are cosy but are hard work to keep clean and often unhealthy; laminates are easy to clean but let the heat escape and are also noisy to walk on; wood or timber flooring is elegant and beautiful but dreadfully expensive.

What if there was one ideal solution with no drawbacks? Well, now it is here.

The ideal flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring, otherwise known as LVT flooring, is a recent development and a very welcome one. Yes, the material is vinyl, but it is nothing like the old vinyl that we all know and hate. This is a far more refined product which basically uses vinyl to replicate, in every aspect, the look and feel of timber or wood flooring, right down to same kind of grain, grooves and knots. However, and crucially, LVT comes in at a fraction of the price of timber or wood flooring. There are other benefits too:


Vinyl is tough. Very tough. LVT covering will take just about any amount of abuse and stay strong for years and years.

Easy to clean

LVT can be cleaned with just a mop. Wipe it down and you’re done. No more expensive noisy cleaning or steaming machines and no more backbreaking scrubbing.

Sound absorption

LVT is a very good sound absorber and that can save you, and your neighbours, a lot of hassle.

Heat retention

LVT is very good at keeping in the heat in which is a major boon during the winter months and will surely help to reduce energy bills.


LVT has a high friction surface which makes it very secure to walk on, even when wet. This is especially important for older people.

Aesthetic pleasure

LVT come in a truly dizzying range of colours, shades, types and styles to match any style of decor and all or any of them help create a sophisticated and elegant effect.

The next big thing?

So, what about the drawback of LVT flooring? Well, as far as we can tell, there are no drawbacks. Seriously. We cannot find any downside to this marvellous product, just upsides.

Whoever developed LVT clearly saw that there was a gap in the market and acted to fill it. Consumers may not yet be aware of LVT as an alternative to things like carpet and laminate, but we predict that that will change soon enough once enough people realise how well LVT fulfils their needs. Because history has taught us that commercial success is dependent upon coming up with an innovation that plugs that gap. We think it is only a matter of time before the market turns onto LVT flooring and that’s why we say, yes, it is the next big thing.

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