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I Found the Best Packers and Movers through the UrbanClap App

I am a marketing analyst and all those who are well versed with this job have a fair idea about how hectic this job can be. Though it is challenging and exciting as well, but one con about it is that you are required to shift from your place from time to time. Being a mother of two growing up children, it makes it even more challenging and difficult. My husband who is a freelance contract worker is himself very tired of this all, but despite this he supports me a lot and always stands beside me. He also helped me to find best packers and movers in Bangalore. Let me explain how.

Now moving to a different place, getting yourself adjusted there and get your life back to normalcy is in itself quite a big task. But the most difficult task about this process in our eyes is the one which comes before this all. That task is finding the best packers and movers. You always need to find that agency which is the best in the town at their job. We have already had some terrible experiences beforehand. This is a really delicate job in which you want all your stuff to be transported as quickly as possible, but safely as well. We had already faced many incidences wherein we lost some of the important things during transportation or we damaged something important. So when it came to shifting from Bangalore to Mumbai, we were really scared about losing or damaging our things during transit.

Hence, we wanted to find the best packing and moving services in town and made it our mission to find the best packers and movers in Bangalore. Now we went through some classifieds in the newspaper and even contacted some agencies, but there were quoting very high prices and were not even willing to provide any insurance or cover. After contacting tens of agencies and being left out disappointed, i was giving up all hope when my husband held my hand and told me to relax. He said he would contact some of his friends and see if any of them could prove to be of any help. I entrusted him and nodded in agreement.

Herein comes the UrbanClap App

So as my hubby contacted his friends, i was sitting besides and watching it all in a hope to find a good agency. But no one was much aware about any good agency and i was soon getting hopeless and disappointed again. Then he rang his friend Devansh. While i was just about to go to my room in disappointment, Devansh just told my hubby about a mobile app. He told that he was a regular user of the app and that we should give it a go as well. So, my hubby hangs up and told me to go ahead with this app. Now I have never been an online enthusiast and was very susceptible in finding a service provider online. Also, I have had many fraud and cheating cases online so I rejected him straightaway. But my hubby said that we have tried many other options and have failed. So let’s just trust Devansh and maybe we can find a great and genuine packing and moving agency.

I was still very hesitant, but I understood his point and agreed to it. As soon as he downloaded the UrbanClap App and searched for packers and movers in Bangalore, we were surprised to see so many results pop up. Not only we could see so many options, but we could also see the user ratings. There were also reviews from many users who had previously used the services. Much to our surprise, there were hardly any negative reviews. I was really excited as finally we looked to have found some really good options. My husband was already starting to take all the credit for it, but I told him that we will see if he deserves that credit or not after our things are transported.

UrbanClap made things easy

So without any further delay, we went ahead and contacted the top packers and movers as per the reviews on the app and through the contact information provided against them. We left them inquiry messages, asking about quotes and services provided. I wanted to get as many services in one package as I could, which included the likes of Packing, Moving, Loading, Unpacking and organizing all the things at places.

Besides this, I was also looking for an agency which uses modern techniques of transportation and charges reasonably besides providing a good insurance. I was tired of losing and damaging my important things during the transportation process and hence wanted a good insurance this time as well.

So in a few hours, we started receiving replies to our queries from packers and movers in Bangalore. The agencies quoted the charges, covers and services offered. All of them seemed good but it was Aggarwal Packers and Movers who offered much more at a discounted price. So me and my husband zeroed in on them and called them up at home for further talks.

Found the Best Services on UrbanClap

We talked with the team of Aggarwal Packers and Movers and were immediately impressed in the professional manner they were talking. They were providing a very good package at lucrative prices and were also ready to provide transit insurance. They told and explained how they will use modern techniques of transportation. They guaranteed a satisfactory service and experience, and lived up to their words very well.

Moreover, they covered all the things with double layer packaging and properly marked each and everything for easy disassembly. They were very careful during loading and unloading as well and ensured the safety of all our belongings. To top it all, they were really quick in their services and did their job in real quick time. It was simply awesome to get such value for money service and I told my husband that I was so thankful for this wonderful experience.

Why you should try UrbanClap as well?

If you are struggling to find some good service providers for any type of service, then UrbanClap is the app that you need. You may feel that it is a bit risky to find and hire day to day service providers online. But once you use the UrbanClap services, you will be left speechless, as was the case with me. From so much worry of the whole transportation process to getting it all fine in a breeze, it could never have been possible if not for UrbanClap. It is a really wonderful platform and not only you can find the best packers and movers in Bangalore, but you can discover various other service providers and get their services at very good prices.

You can directly contact the UrbanClap team if you face any difficulties and they will resolve it for you as well as soon as possible. I can’t stop thanking my hubby for finding this app and taking away such a huge burden from my shoulders.

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