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How to Use White Marble In Your Outdoor Area

White marble can set the scene for any outdoor area, from modern inner-city residences to relaxed beachside accommodation. Using white marble as a staple element can revamp the entire look of your outdoor area. Often, people think marble belongs to interior design, such as kitchens and bathrooms. But the durability and density of marble also make it perfect for using in exterior installations. So, we’ve taken inspiration from the indoors by putting together a selection of innovative ways to incorporate white marble into the design of your outdoor area.

Outdoor Bar Area

Bring the part outdoors all summer long! A really fun way to use white marble is by building a bar top and making it the focal entertainment area outdoors. Some of the most visually stunning outdoor bars incorporate white marble because of the intricate detail in the veining. It’s a great choice for beachside cabanas and inner-city locations alike, as you can choose the design that best reflects the vibes you are looking for.

For example, a beachside location might incorporate a wave-like marble pattern to reflect the ocean setting, whereas an urban location might opt for a cleaner, more honed finish. You’ll be busy hosting guests every weekend once they catch a glimpse of your snazzy outdoor bar and entertainment area!

Pool Houses

Take your pool house to the next level by incorporating a slick marble finish on countertop areas. The pool house is a fantastic space for chilling out in between swimming and sunbathing sessions, but it can also be doubled up as a more formal area for hosting guests. If space allows, why not design a central white marble bar area with arranged seating for people to enjoy a relaxed lunch and drinks. It’s a nice idea to form a continuation of your interior and exterior design by using the same type of marble in your pool house area as you do indoors. That way, you can maintain a consistent design.

Marble Touches

The devil is in the detail when it comes to maintaining a level of consistency throughout your outdoor area. White marble creates an effortlessly chic look if you implement it in all the right places. A simple marble border around the grass or marble pavers in the patio area will tie in nicely with your outdoor bar or pool house area without being too overpowering. You could also incorporate the same white marble in steps, wall caps and porch areas. Don’t overdo it though –if you are using marble in great amounts then opt for wooden or colour contrasting furniture rather than marble tables, as this could result in a serious marble overload.

Outdoor BBQ Area

One of the best things to do during the warmer summer months is to eat outside with friends and family. Having an open plan BBQ area means you don’t have to hide away in the kitchen all evening while your guests wait for the meal to be prepared. Instead, you can all socialise outside next to the BBQ area, while you occasionally tend to the grill between drinks. Incorporating a stylish white marble countertop next to your BBQ helps to turn a private kitchen into an entertainment area, as the attractive surface encourages guests to congregate near there. Play around with circular designs and large open plan rectangles to create the perfect space for you. It’s worth getting the design and marble finish just right – after all, nothing says summer fun like a BBQ and a few beers with good friends!

Look After Your Marble Outdoors

Despite its durability, it’s important to care for your white outdoor marble, as a bit of wear and tear is inevitable in adverse weather conditions. Use natural stone cleaners for any dirt and grime, as these will be extremely effective without damaging the surface of the marble. Try to clean any spillages as soon as possible to avoid any stains (they should wipe off very easily without the need for any abrasives, which will damage the surface).

Overall, though, marble is very easy to maintain and it has the natural ability to resist harsh weather conditions, making it a beautiful yet practical option for using in outdoor areas. Just encourage your friends to use stubby holders and coasters on that lovely new countertop!

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