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How to Pick the Ideal City in Indiana for Your Family?

You are thinking about moving to Indiana, but you are not sure in which city. Moving is stressful, especially if you are moving with your family. How to pick the ideal city in Indiana for your family, and all to be happy? It is a big step in your life, and you have to do it right.Talk with your family what they think, which city will be best for you all. When you pick your ideal city in Indiana, visit this site for more information about moving and packing

Moving to Indiana is a big step for you. Make a decision together with your family

Indiana has cold winters and hot, wet summers. So, your kids can play with snow and be in the pool when summer comes. One interesting fact, in 2013 Indiana has produced more NBA players per capita than any other state. So, if you and your family like basketball, Indiana is a country for you. Indiana’s median household income is about $47,600. It is relatively cheap for the U.S.

First, choose between city center and the suburb

This is a major decision. If you love crowd and noise, the city center is the place for you. Everything is near and it is always something happening. But do not underestimate “the power” of the suburbs.You can choose if you make a priority list. Define your priorities. Are they financial, are you looking to become home-owner or renter? How much space do you need? Most homes in the city center are smaller than homes in the suburb. Just you know what you need and what you want. You can raise your children in the city center too.

The ideal city in Indiana for your family

Which cities have good schools, no crime, and a lot to do? This is important when you are moving with kids. You want the best for them. The city has to be safe and affordable. Criteria when looking for where to move should be like this:

  • Crime – This is the most important thing to check when you are looking for the ideal city in Indiana for your family. The crime rate must be as low as possible.
  • Quality of schools – The future of your children is in your hands. Check the local schools and get information. See their program and extracurricular activities.
  • Households with children – It is better for your wallet to be affordable. So, you can travel with family and save money for their college.
  • Distance to a major city– If you end up in the suburbia, you should check the distance to a major city.
  • Amenities nearby–After work, you want to spend time with family. Museums, theaters, libraries are great family-friendly amenities.


Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana. The population is 864,771 according to 2016. You should consider all the pros and cons of moving to Indianapolis before you move there. There are many reasons why should you move there.It is great city for families. It offers affordable homes, opportunities for job, education and mild weather. Cost of living is 16% lower than the national average. Perfect! But, wait, there is more. Unemployment rate is 3.2%, and if you want to buy a house, average price is $125,000 and a median rent $800. When we talk about education, Indianapolis has great universities. The University of Indianapolis, Butler University and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Affordability and education are checked. Now, activities for the family.  Do not worry about that. Enjoy at Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indianapolis Zoo or Rhythm! Discovery Center. There are a lot of family-friendly activities. Also, you can watch sports together. Indianapolis sports fans have year-round entertainment.

Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana and it may be the perfect city for your family


It is a small town near Indianapolis. It is a quiet city with the population of 27,000. You will have your peace and a big backyard for bbq. And the best thing is, you are in Indianapolis in less than half an hour. The median house price is $380,000, and the crime rate is low. It has 17 parks, a lot of restaurants and boutiques. This community has award “Community School System”. Teachers, parents, and community work together to ensure continued excellence.It is a small city with a big heart, that’s why this is the ideal city in Indiana for your family.



Another small city is Carmel with over 80 roundabouts providing fluid and secure travel for both pedestrians and bicyclists alike. Population is 86,950. It is located north of Indianapolis and you will need just 30 minutes to Indianapolis. It is known for its unique collection of art galleries, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. The average home price is similar as in Zionsville $330,000. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Indiana, so hurry up. Take a chance. You can spend a day with the family at the Monon Waterpark; your kids will love it, for sure.

Fort Wayne

The average house price is $120,000 but it is growing. It is a big city with the population of 264,490. It has a rich history. You can visit with your family The Embassy Theatre, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Children’s Zoo, and the largest annual events in the city, the Johnny Appleseed Festival and the Three Rivers Festival. Living in Fort Wayne is amazing and it is the perfect place for family. You can play with children in some of the Fort Wayne’s park too. When we talk about education, which is important do not worry about it. There are a lot of schools. Fort Wayne Community Schools, Northwest Allen County Schools, Southwest Allen County Schools and Lutheran Schools of Indiana.

Choose where to move. It is a big question, so think twice

Indiana is definitely a great state for families. In every sense. You just have to pick the ideal city in Indiana for your family and enjoy.

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