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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Office in Birmingham

Birmingham, with its population of more than one million residents, is often referred to as England’s second city. The city is well known for its historical and contemporary residents making it a great place for trendy businesses to set up shop. Birmingham is located in the west midlands and its economy is mainly service based. This makes it especially good for business working in the service industry. Here are five reasons for investing in office space in the city of Birmingham:

Great transport connections

Birmingham offers excellent connections when it comes to travel and transport. The city is served by Birmingham International Airport allowing you to travel internationally with ease. This is also great for receiving international visitors and customers. Birmingham also offers rail connections to all other major English cities and beyond.

Comparatively lower costs

Living and working in Birmingham is much cheaper than other cities such as London. Property prices in Birmingham are also lower than elsewhere meaning that you can look for a great commercial property for sale in Birmingham with ease. The city of Birmingham is actively promoting itself as a destination for new businesses and making it more favourable for entrepreneurs to move their offices to the city. Birmingham offers many of the advantages of other cities at a much lower cost.

Birmingham is expanding

Birmingham is currently undergoing expansion with many new residents moving to the city. This means that the customer base is also growing, research has shown that higher nett worth individuals and families are relocating to Birmingham. These residents have access to higher levels of disposable income which is essential for economic growth and development. If you are looking for commercial property for sale in Birmingham you can be assured of easy access to a large client base. Investing in property in Birmingham does seem to make a lot of financial sense.

Property prices are steadily rising in the area

Property prices have been showing consistent above-average growth in the greater Birmingham area. If you are looking to invest in commercial property with a view to let the property or sell it for a profit Birmingham is a great place to invest. Many major British firms have been relocating jobs and offices from areas like London to Birmingham recently which seems to be a good sign for times to come.

Birmingham offers many attractions

Business needs people and people need attractions. Birmingham offers great restaurants, shopping areas and entertainment to its residents making it easier for you to relocate employees and families to the city. Birmingham has recently been voted the UK’s most improved city, this can be seen in the regeneration that is currently being experienced in the area.

Living and working conditions in Birmingham are rapidly improving making it a very desirable area for property investors. The current trend is set to continue well into the coming years ensuring that Birmingham remains firmly in its place as investment destination for commercial property.

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